TRANS NATIONAL MEETING in Amsterdam – 2017

NEXT MOVE Final Conference planning meeting in Amsterdam on 18 May 2017.

Trans National Meeting in Amsterdam planning the NEXT MOVE Final conference – 25-26 May 2018 at ArtEZ.
The coordinator team meet in Amsterdam to make the first draft of the content, the workshops, the social activities, the level of student involvement and discussing about potential Keynote speakers. Logistics and communication. Flyers and e-mail lists. Fruitful and fun!

Top picture: Part of the NEXT MOVE team: Beata Alving (DOCH), Keld Hosbond (RAMA) and Anja Krans (ArtEZ)

Netty van den Bosch (ArtEZ)

Anja Krans (ArtEZ)

Photo: Christofer Fredriksson