Joint Module

There are no joint modules within artistic Higher Education Institutions in Europe.


Next Move – Contemporary Art Teaching in the forefront (Joint Module)

As a result of three years of collaboration between ArtEZ, DOCH and Rama, a 7,5 ECTS international joint module, a course in dance and music didactics has been developed within the context of the project Next Move: Contemporary Arts Teaching in an International setting. The course will be launched for the first time during study year 2018/19. It adresses students in their last study year who want to challenge perspectives they are more familiar with. During one year there will be three weeks all in all of meetings and collaborations, one in each of the institutions. During the periods in between meetings, the students will work with net-based collaborations on line. The Manual of Methods will be a part of and will be used as a resource throughout the course.

The key element in the course, as in the Next Move project, is inclusion. How can we actively work to make dance and music more accessible, relevant, and an important part in people’s lives and in society? By noticing and question norms considering for instance different bodies, age, gender, variations of functions, we will take a step forward in making art a democratic privilege for all.

Thus, the course prepares students in dance and music for a teaching profession defined by its objective of being inclusive, flexible and sustainable in our contemporary society.  Questions on how dance and music didactic work can be made contemporary and relevant will be dealt with in and through practical work, theoretical grounding, individual development of methods and by working with art forms in collaboration.During the course students will explore, question, challenge, share and exchange ideas to enhance a multiple learning that takes into account different cultures and  genres, educational and societal conditions. Students will meet, work and learn from their difference experiences in a cross national and cross disciplinary context.

We will question the norms surrounding dance and music and for whom these art forms are accessible to practice.

The question is not what dance and music are but what dance and music can DO.