Our educational programmes need to be adjusted accordingly and our students develop entrepreneurial skills and new didactic methods to be able to meet the new pressing needs where inclusion is being addressed as a key element.

NEXT MOVE will carry out three Intellectual Outputs:

1) Joint Module – a sustainable join module on Dance and Music Didactics
2) Manual of Methods – a manual on new methods for teaching dance and music
3) Digital Student Portfolio

For the coordination of the actual activities and the continuous development of the addressed intellectual outputs, the three HEIs will organize ten Trans National Meetings. In addition, there will be four Multiplier Events. The specific purpose of these events is to disseminate the results and the findings of the project and they will be held at mid-term and at the end of the project (REGISTER NOW). A total amount of app. 100 external partners and stakeholders will participate.



The following final results are expected:

  • A joint platform for continuous collaboration for the mutual development of the educational programmes at each artistic HEI;
  • Better understanding on the need of a critical perspective on practice, target groups and the accessibility of art in order to make sustainable change regarding inclusion and expanding of the field of arts;
  • A more accurate and updated notion of the needs and necessity of the national and European/international labor market;
  • On the students and teachers part;¬†Development of knowledge, insight, skills and concrete methods and tools for working within the rapidly changing and expanding labor market;
  • Development of a view on new methods for training dance and music;
  • Impact on the educational programmes at other artistic HEIs;
  • Impact on the discussion and work within HEIs regarding topics of inclusion and participation of a broader range of target groups.