ArtEZ, DOCH and RAMA invite you to the Next Move International Conference.

This conference is part of a three year international project on the future of dance and music education, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The result is an inclusive vision on education in dance and music.

Full conference program now online! – Download here

Join other students, professionals and administrators:


Keynote speakers

Jessica Nicoll & Barry Oreck, Tone Pernille Østern and Elen Øyen



In addition to our international keynote speakers we have mapped out a two-day conference program filled with workshops, performances and lectures. This conference will be an extraordinary experience. To give you an impression:

You will be inspired with ideas on the future practice of teaching by Adriaan Luteijn (Introdans Educatie), Berry Doddema (Dance Center, Dortmund), Ingeborg Bos (senior teacher ArtEZ) and Anne Bos (secondary schools). These four prominent dance educators invite you an interactive discussion on how to deal with old and new target groups and their specific wishes, ambitions and possibilities in the changing field of dance.

You will grow your knowledge of the future society and how to use the positive power of arts through lectures by professor dr. Jeroen Lutters (ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem) and Beata Alving (Head of the Department of Dance Pedagogy of DOCH, Stockholm).  Jeroen will share his knowlegde on the science of storytelling. During his session you will formulate and share, together with Prof. dr. Jeroen Lutters, all kinds of stories as a starting point for a inspiring conversation about the world of tomorrow. Beata will host an interactive session, based on the results of the Next Move project, that leads into a discussion on important perspectives when teaching artistic practices today and in the future.

You will get the opportunity to participate in performances and workshops by e.g. Hello Earth, who will invite you to join in their performance ‘Dance with your neighbor’. ArtEZ BA. Dance in Education student Nigel Koevoet  will host a Physical Dynamics workshop. During this session you will be given tips and tricks that you as a teacher can apply to interest boys in dance.

This conference is student and teacher driven.  Read more about their contribution to the conference program and discover all the workshop details + timetables here.

We have mapped out a program. The Next Move is yours!

Download an overview of the conference program, follow our Facebook event for the latest updates and more detailed information about the program and/or order a hardcopy version* of the full program (incl. all details on the keynotes, workshops and routes) via the registration page (under ‘payment’). You can also subscribe to our mailinglist, in order to receive updates via e-mail.

*When you register for a ‘2-days ticket’, a hardcopy program is included in your conference fee. Students -as well as participants who register for only one day- can buy a program for an additional fee.


Be prepared to be taken outside of the traditional conference room and into the centre of Arnhem.

You are invited to join several tours to experience different innovative and exciting activities organized by our students & staff. The city of Arnhem breaths art, creativity and entrepreneurship. Can’t wait to see what it’s like? Watch this video to see what moves this city

Is this your first visit to The Netherlands and/or Arnhem? Please find your travel and hotel information here.

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Aftermovie: ArtEZ next move - Midterm Conference

Aftermovie: ArtEZ next move – Midterm Conference