• A labor market research in each participating country regarding the dance and music fields, their needs and demands. It will be conducted through both a survey and interviews with alumni, labor market partners and relevant stakeholders.
  • A set of learning/teaching/training activities regarding the central aspects of the project such as the expanding labor market, entrepreneurial skills, norm critical perspectives on the accessibility of dance/music to a diversity of target groups, research on learning processes and exploration of and finding new didactic methods and tools.
  • An intensive study project in which the teachers and students try and carry out a pilot of the future Joint Module in order to evaluate the course and make relevant adjustments before it is implemented in each partners academic offer on project completion.


our next moves


We have been moving throughout Europe since 2015. Please discover this roadmap, that covers all the moves that we’ve made so far:

Workshop @ ArtEZ – March 2018
Trans National Meeting @ ArtEZ – March 2018

Workshop @ RAMA – October 2017
Trans National Meeting @ RAMA – October 2017
Trans National Meeting in Amsterdam – May 2017
Trans National Meeting @ ArtEZ – March 2017
Workshop @ ArtEZ – March 2017

Mid Project Conference @ all locations – December 2016
Trans National Meeting @ RAMA – August 2016
Workshop @ RAMA – August 2016
Trans National Meeting in DOCH – May 2016
Workshop @ DOCH – March 2016
Trans National Meeting in Stockholm – March 2016
Trans National Meeting in Copenhagen – January 2016

KICK-OFF @ ArtEZ – September 2015

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