ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands

For more than 3000 students, ArtEZ offers a related selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in visual art, architecture, fashion, design, music, theatre, creative writing, dance and art education. At the same time, ArtEZ is a specialised knowledge institute where lecturers combine theory and practice. ArtEZ works together with a large number of partners at home and abroad, such as other educational institutes, companies, governing bodies and non-profit organisations.

Mission & Vision
ArtEZ trains artists to be commercially successful. Graduates know their position and strengths, have developed their artistry and craftsmanship, and know how to work – in partnership with others – to make this socially meaningful. They are prepared for a professional career at the highest level in an international setting.
ArtEZ gives art the opportunity to be meaningful to others, such as individuals, groups and organisations. ArtEZ feels partly responsible for creating an attractive and stimulating cultural environment and for contributing to the cultural infrastructure in the eastern Netherlands, especially around its locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. ArtEZ helps to create a lively climate where young artists can thrive.

Dance & Dance in Education

In the area of Dance, ArtEZ offers the Bachelor of Dance and Bachelor of Dance in Education, as well as a Master of Theatre Practices. The study programmes are provided by the ArtEZ School of Dance.

Developing and enforcing your own artistry and cultural identity is a central point in all ArtEZ School of Dance study programmes. Much attention is given to prevention, knowledge of your own performance abilities and the development of your personal style as dancer, maker and dance lecturer. Also, much emphasis is placed here on a good technical basis – an important tool for dancers to further develop themselves as artists. The special method of dance teaching reduces injuries considerably and contributes to the development of excellent dancers, dance makers and dance teachers with a great deal of knowledge of self-regulation and career extension.

The ArtEZ School of Dance strives to take on a pioneer role in innovating dance education. Education at ArtEZ is divided into periods, which means that the curriculum takes into account the specific physical and mental development rate of the dancer’s body. In addition, traditional curriculum components are linked to supplementary techniques within the programme to varying degrees.

The courses have a strongly international bias. Beside Artez’s teams, its programmes are emphatically international as well. The Dance Department is a small-scale institution, and its individual education reflects professional practice as closely as possible. After graduating, students from ArtEZ School of Dance work at an extremely wide range of places both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The ArtEZ Dance in Education programme helps one to develop his or her teaching, dancing, creative and entrepreneurial skills. The study programme also offers a large network in the world of dance education. As a teacher of Dance, one can interest children and adults from all walks of life in a creative experience involving dance and art. One can teach at vocational dance schools, youth theatres, in primary and secondary education or in the educational department of a dance company. Or think of community art projects and the demand for dance projects from businesses and community organizations.