There are no joint modules within artistic Higher Education Institutions in Europe.

The labor market for the dance and music teacher is expanding and rapidly changing, hence a new definition of the role of the teacher in these art fields is required as well as a clarification of the new demands the teacher is expected to handle.

In order to be able to continue educating highly skilled teachers in dance and music who are well prepared to meet the unpredictable, flexible and immensely diverse society we as HEI are challenged to address new circumstances and necessities for our former students. Thus our educational programmes need to be adjusted accordingly and our students develop entrepreneurial skills and new didactic methods to be able to meet the new pressing needs where inclusion is being addressed as a key element.


The three partners in Next Move project are highly-selective and leading HEIs in music and dance. Each of which brings in specific expertise into the project:

Stichting ArtEZ focusing on the interdisciplinary between schools and the external contexts and highly evaluated didactic knowledge: RAMA with expertise in entrepreneurial skills and mind set as well as a holistic approach and elaborated work with group dynamics and DOCH with a research milieu and a platform for norm critical perspectives and broaded recruitment.

The main focus of Next Move is to create a sustainable, long term joint module which will be implemented within each partners´ curricula upon the project completion.

In order to gain knowledge on the societal needs the three participating artistic HEIs will each conduct a labor market research in their country in which a broad spectrum of partners and stakeholders will be involved.

Different kinds of collaboration have been taking place between HEIs but this is the first time a long term joint module in dance and music is created. The different actors involved in this project are professors, teachers, students and administrators in close collaboration and involvement with external partners.

General objectives:

– To use the positive power of arts as a way to reach and include more and all target groups in our multi-cultural and diverse European society

– Redefine the profession of the dance and music teacher and change the educational programmes´content and curricula within the participating institutions in order to more successfully educate future students in relation to society´s expanding needs.