Special pedagogy in dance: When trouble making behaviour becomes an asset

Analysis of a fictive scenario based on a poststructuralistic perspective

By: My Gren
Position: BA Dance Pedagogy, DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

From a poststructuralistic perspective this essay examines the posibilities of working with a child in deep sorrow in a group with normal functioning children. The child is understood in the light of the knowledge about neuropsykiatric disabilities and depression to find ways of working to create a group athmosphere that gains the entire group.

The examination of the subject shows that it could be benefitial to search within the fields neuropsykiatric disabilities to gain knowledge about how to work with children with touble making behaviour. With clear structures and an adaption of claims on the children the entire group could benefit. To use these tools could probably help a lot of children even in a normal functioning group, why one with advantage could make use of them in ones over all planning.

The paper can be downloaded here (In Swedish)