SDP workshop “Basic rhythm training”

Workshop given at the Next Move conference may 2018

By: Torben Jensen
Position: Associate professor at Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg/Arhus, Denmark

The primary agenda of this workshop was to invite dancers to experience music and rhythm from a musicians perspective. To point towards raising the awareness of music and rhythm through practising the musical skill level.

The background of the topic came from one of the main points of the SDP:

We aim for dancers to relate to music and dance in a musical way, and for musicians to relate to music and dance with an understanding for, awareness of and relation to dancers

Method and the progression

  1. establish contact with your own body, get relaxed and grounded while doing a simple basic step.
  2. increase the awareness of time, groove, swing in relation to the bigger group.
  3. practise basic rhythms though clapping, stomping, using voice etc.
  4. increasing the level of difficulty and complexity of the rhythm patterns.
  5. go from one big group to divide the group into smaller units and practise various rhythm patterns at the same time, again with a constant focus on the musical quality: time, groove, swing, balance, dynamic.

SDP “Singing, Dancing & Playing”, a main subject at RMB, RAMA.
RMB “Rhytmical music and movement”, an education at RAMA
RAMA “Royal Academy of Music Aarhus”