Mindset in vocational training programs.

By: Mariët Andringa
Position: Senior teacher BA-DD, ArtEZ, coach, Arnhem, The Netherlands

The main goal of Next Move is: Redefining the profession of the dance and music teacher. While handling this topic, the following question appeared to me, regarding the necessity of mental coaching in the field of dance teachers, now and in the future.

For the manual of methods, I have written a short introduction and text about my personal experiences and modest research about mental coaching for dance students using the Mindset method for 4 years now in Private ballet dance schools, secondary vocational dance education and higher vocational dance education.

And questioning: To what extent can the Mindset Method (Reardon, Dekker 2011) for high performance sport be applied to creative professions, like the profession of the dance teacher?

Basically: How to use this tool for success in dance practice?

And WHY would we use it for dance students, if we redefine the profession of the dance and music teacher?

I have done research on this topic by reflecting on my own experience with working with the Mindset method, by surveys amongst the students of BA ArtEZ dance teachers program, by talking to colleagues who work with this method and by studying literature and documentaries.

The results of my research have been very positive. Most of the students have recognized the benefits of using the method on their personal well being and their dance results. The complete article (in Dutch) can been found here.

For more info on this subject you can also check the research Mariët Andringa has done, here