A socio-cultural perspective on teaching dance

A reflection and deepening in inclusive dance education

By: Cornelia Grönlund
Position: BA Dance Pedagogy, DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

To adapt a lesson layout for a pupil with visual impairment in a way that the lesson becomes developing and stimulating for all students, include the ones without vision loss. The method used to answer the examination is a literature review of information gathered from literature dealing with educational perspectives and theories related to disabilities. As a result of the survey, a socio- cultural perspective has been added to the teaching to allow students to learn from each other’s knowledge, regardless of obstacles. Reflections on organizational and pedagogical leadership are taken into account in relation to the educational dilemma that the investigation concerns.

Keywords: Sociocultural perspective, disability, vision impairment, communication, relationship, collaboration, potential.

The paper can be downloaded here (in Swedish)